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News Photos July 2014- February 2015

This gallery features photos for news stories from July 2014 to February 2015.

Annual Conference 2014

This gallery contains photos from Annual Conference 2014, excluding Ordination and Retirement.

News Photos January-June 2014

Photos for news stories for first half of 2014

News Photos 2013 August-December

News photos from August through December 2013.

Logos and Buttons

News Photos 2013 January - July

News photos from January through July 2013

UMC office logos

Logos of national or Florida UMC organizations

Where I Saw God - The FLUMC Instagram Page

Want to share where you saw God today? Take a picture with your smart phone and share it via Instagram with the hashtag #whereisawgod .
Where I Saw God Photo Gallery

Bishop Ken Carter

News Photos 2012

UM Building

News Photos 2011


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