Photo Gallery

1920x500 tests

Website 2014

Graphics for the upcoming website design.

Missional Engagement

Centenary Camp summer 2014

This gallery contains photos from the July 14-18 summer camp at Centenary in Quincy. Photos by Susan Green.

News Photos July 2014-January 2015

This gallery features photos for news stories from July to December 2014.

2014 Annual Conference retirements

Photos from the Service of Retirement and other Florida Conference announced retirements. Photos by Cindy Skop, except as noted.

2014 Ordination Service

Photos from the June 13 ordination service, including candidates for provisional and full-connection deacon and elder as they are ordained/commissioned at Annual Conference 2014. Photos by Cindy Skop.

Annual Conference 2014

This gallery contains photos from Annual Conference 2014, excluding Ordination and Retirement.

News photos not public starting March 2014

Teaser and feature photos and any art not intended to go in the public galleries.

News Photos January-June 2014

Photos for news stories for first half of 2014

News Photos 2013 August-December

News photos from August through December 2013.

News Photos 2013 January - July

News photos from January through July 2013

UM Building

News Photos 2011


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