Tell Me a Story by Scott McClellan: Book review

Story is an invitation into something bigger than ourselves.

The non-attending faithful

"I think my church is filled with people who are one Sunday brunch away from never returning."

The rise and fall and rise of the National Council of Churches

With new leadership and a retooled mission, the NCC is poised to rebound from its low ebb of influence and carries a great deal of promise into the future.

We still have to honor our parents when we grow up

A few surprisingly simple ways to honor your parents even as an independent adult.

Why focus on developing your staff as leaders?

Our challenges require innovation, which means we need leadership across all levels and in all roles.

Created for More: A book review

The book is intended to help creatives see the world differently and get out of a creative rut.

How to create your own internet church campus

Church is happening outside the walls of the sanctuary, and churches need to adapt and take the ministry to the people, says the author.

The role of church culture in growth and decline

How can a church leader encourage a cooperative environment that is poised for growth? It depends on the size of the congregation.

Weathering a crisis of faith

Tips for weathering your first, second (or tenth) season of doubt.

Social experiment videos that will change the way you think

A few YouTube videos will challenge our daily perspective.