China poised to be 'most Christian nation'

Within less than a generation, China could be home to more Christians than any nation on earth.

Suffering is part of thriving

If we expect to see the kingdom of God, writes the New Testament scholar, we should expect to suffer.

"50 Ways" to engage with local schools

The Lewis Center's newest in the "50 Ways" series is about engaging with local schools.

Broken people walking toward wholeness

The Rev. Claire Wimbush, who was born with spastic cerebral palsy, wonders what it means to be a Christian with a disability.

Coming home

A Florida elder and Army Reserve Chaplain shares an essay on coming home from a deployment.

Online with Darkwood Brew

An interactive Web television program features meditation, jazz, chat-room conversations and weekly communion.

Why the church needs troublemakers

From Martin Luther to Martin Luther King, Jr., many who are considered saints or heroes of history today were, at one time, thought to be troublemakers.
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