Being a Christian doesn't always look like you think it should

Churches need to get rid of their religious cookie cutters.

Christmas in No Man's Land

Rev. Jim Harnish reflects on peace breaking out between the trenches on the first Christmas of "The Great War."

Court rejects atheists' demand to end tax break for clergy housing

Federal court of appeals rejects case that declared clergy housing allowances unconstitutional.

Bishop Carter reflects on Council of Bishops' statement

Bishop Carter offers a sentence-by-sentence interpretation of the Council of Bishops' statement regarding human sexuality.

Arguing the minors and missing the majors

The path Jesus actually walked is marked by suffering and total reliance on God.

Leading in the age of the image

We must think about the place of images in our life and work, noticing that images are powerful, can be idols and can create the space for growth in discipleship.

When Bible movies aren't biblically accurate

We shouldn't be surprised when Hollywood doesn't nail the details.

The greatest commandments

"Everything in God's Law and the Prophets hangs from them." (The Message)

Protect your church and family on the web

Unlocking the World Wide Web for your church and children can also open a whole Pandora's box of information that you do not want them to see.

Intergenerational worship is like Thanksgiving dinner table

Worship is like Thanksgiving dinner, with everyone at the table. You might not like everything that's served, but everybody experiences the meal together.
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