Eliminating inequity in public education

Mobilizing people of faith is key to addressing the issue.

Strange Leadership: a book review

"Innovation is about following the Holy Spirit," Greg Atkinson writes, not our own path and ideas.

WWI at 100: new books examine the battle of beliefs behind the 'Great War'

"You can't understand the war fully without investigating the religious dimensions of the war."

What we get wrong about "finding God's will"

God's will is not a mystery to be solved, but a road to be traveled.

How to escape from a bad game

Some situations are so challenging that they bring out our worst selves and ensure that everyone loses.

Silence: a path to action

Quiet and solitude can provide openings to listen and experience the tender love of God.

Learning from growing church in England

While there is "no single recipe" for growth, a study concluded there are some characteristics closely associated with growing churches.

Peanuts, Cracker Jacks and the game

Writers often compare baseball parks to cathedrals, but that misses the real point: the game. And so it is with worship, writes a theologian and baseball fan.

More than a meal

Tackling hunger as a symptom of poverty, with a multifaceted approach that includes gardens, food trucks, community partners and a sense of respect for those in need.

Remember those who have served

Give thanks this Memorial Day for those who have served for us.
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