20 things your church could do more often

A video shown at the 2014 North Georgia Annual Conference reminds us of things that can help create new places for new people.

Three barriers to the church's ability to love others

What if we took seriously Jesus' words that the first shall be last and the last will be first?

Porching, friendship and ministry

A perfect porch is a place where the soul can rest.

Four unexpected benefits of a small church

You see empty pews. I see community.

The new church family

The diversity of lifestyle patterns that proliferates in American society is generally underrepresented in the church.

Lessons from a church in Key West

A pastor asks: Isn't balance, rather than stability, a true realization of our mission as communities of faith?

Responding to criticism in the church's culture of niceness

Game theory--and the Bible--teaches church leaders to cooperate, push back against betrayal and then, finally, forgive.

Your story through the lens of mentoring

As you look at your chronologies of mentors and mentees, what balance do you observe? How have you taken and passed along?

WWI at 100: new books examine the battle of beliefs behind the 'Great War'

"You can't understand the war fully without investigating the religious dimensions of the war."

Remember those who have served

Give thanks this Memorial Day for those who have served for us.