Renewing community in a networked society

We need imaginative Christian leaders to develop institutions that can support and sustain the community we now lack.

Honoring the Sabbath like a command

"Six days you shall labor, and do all your work, but the seventh day is a Sabbath to the Lord your God."

15 lessons from 17 different church bulletins

How are you leveraging your bulletin to communicate with your people?

Pastor says leaving traditional churches might be a good thing

The rise of the "spiritual but not religious" in America has created a lot of conversation among Christians over the last two years.

And that is grace...

What is grace? Who is grace to us?

How could games be part of church?

Pastors live with a painful inner conflict - we often aren't doing the good we want to do. Games, which can connect us to others and to a larger purpose, might help.

What is the church's role in the Ebola crisis?

When and how can the church best engage in local and global health crises? What is the role of ministry in times like these?

Intergenerational friendships and the future of the church

"Youth are not the future of the church. Jesus is."

The seven-year itch

A pastor shares his musings on the necessity of change for replenishing energy and ideas.

What's your church's "ladder?"

Do people associate your church with something distinctive?